Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's been way too long...Secret Santa Prize from Card Corner Club Radio

     My last blog was on December 17, 2010 which is too long in between blog especially when I have busted a few blaster of Bowman DP&P, 8 Bowman DP&P retail rack packs ( 2 autos in 8 packs, not sure if that is normal)**, and a couple blaster Bowman Platinum. I will get around to posting my the autos I pulled and other cards of note.  The GED class I teach starts back today after a little ice/snow, Christmas Break, another 10' of snow, and yesterday of Dr. King's Birthday.  I have been out of work for one month to the day. You'd think I would have gotten something accomplished with all that free time on my hands.  It did not happen; although I have gotten a surprising amount done today.
     My blog today is about a great internet radio show.  Card Corner-Club is a website that provides forums, product reviews (sport and non-sport), video box breaks on YouTube, and Card Corner-Club Radio. They can also be followed on Twitter and "Like" on Facebook. The radio is great way to find out information about up coming products that are going to hit the market, discussions on the market,  special guest from the card companies (Chris from Upper Deck was last weeks guest and they have had spokes person from Leaf and Panini).  They give away cards to very caller.  The Card Corner-Club Radio show airs Friday nights at 11pm Eastern/ 10pm Central.  The show runs for one hour and the hour flies by.  They did mention maybe the chance of add time to the show which would be great.  Another guest they have just about every week is Dimitri Young, who is an avid collector himself.  Hearing a former major leaguer talk about his approached to collecting very interesting. Young's approach and views on collecting graded cards really changed my opinion on about buy graded cards and having my cards graded. He started small and it grew.  I made my first purchase of a 2001 Topps Traded Albert Pujols PSA graded 8.  I got a good buy I on it at $40, it was my birthday, and it was my first graded purchase.  Young said he started small and that is about all he collects now is graded.  The tip he gave on the show was not put purchase new cards graded lower than an eight.  My next few purchases graded were 2001 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Brett Farve BGS 9 ($3), 2000 Multi-AD Midwest League Top Prospects Josh Beckett BGS 9.5 ($10), 1989 Topps Traded Troy Aikman BGS ($7), 1998 Stadium Club Prime Rookies Randy Moss PSA 9 ($10), and 1998 Stadium Club Prime Rookies PSA 9 ($12).  I have provided a link to their main website, social networking pages, and to their Internet radio show.

     I had the chance to call in on their December 17th show.  The host were running a Secret Santa type game to add a little little bit to the show.  I was the first caller, so I got to take part in the game.  They offered me a list of cards to take or take what was behind door number two.  The three cards cards that offer up from were three Gridiron Gear: Gridiron Gems Giant autograph swatch of Marcus Easly, Gridiron Gear Dual Prime Patch and Football Armanit Edwards, and a Crash Course of LaSean McCoy/Brian Orakpo.  I had done a box break of Unrivaled and Platium earlier in the week and I had pulled a Armanti Edwards patch autographs from both boxes. Here is a sample of the Armanti Ewards I pulled from the box breaks:

Armanti Edwards 777/800

Armanti Edwards 41/50

I was not looking to get another Edwards memorabilia cards, So, I took what was behind door number 2 and I could have been happier.  Below are the scans of I got for taking what was under the box and I was quit pleased.

6 Bowman Rookie Cards

1. Philip Rivers
    2. Michael Turner
     3. Steven Jackson 
    4. Jonathan Vilma
5. Wes Welker
6. Matt Schaub 

These cards are are great enough in themselves.

The Icing on the Cake for taking door number 2

Gridiron Gear Rookie Orientation
Colt McCoy Patch 43/299          CJ Spiller Patch Auto 1/50

So, guy if you get a chance please check out Card Corner-Club Radio and their website.  Tons of information and they are more than happen to hook up their listeners.  I can not fluffy them anymore.  Card Corner-Club is a great site and radio show.  Recap of the links below:

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