Friday, November 26, 2010

All About Cards: What did you get at the Blowout Cards Black Friday...

All About Cards: What did you get at the Blowout Cards Black Friday...: "Blowout Cards had a huge black friday sale on all types of hobby and sports cards. They used Facebook and Twitter to announce the items up ..."


  1. A lot of collectors weren't able to get some of the items listed, but I got one of the two things I wanted. I wasn't quick enough to grabbed a hobby box of 08 UD SP Authentic...I was busy trying to calm a fussy 1 year old while wiping runny noses left and right!

  2. Yea, things did get out the door quick. I had a box of the '08 SP in my cart, but didn't make it to check out. I think we had 5 running around here.
    The one box I saw that sold out before I could get to it was the 2006 Topps Rookies 1952 Edition Baseball Hobby Box for $34.26.
    This was my first time doing a Black Friday on the 'Net with online card stores. I don't know if you read the "All About Cards:Home of the Speed Break", but I kind of borrowed his topic because everyone was talking about it yesterday. Here are some of the thoughts I had:

    Next year I will have my ducks in a row and get together with other collectors and purchase a case for a break. Cases like:

    2010 Topps T-206 Baseball Hobby 10 Box Case for $399.26

    2010 Topps Pro Debut Series 2 Baseball Hobby 12 Box Case for $374.26

    ‎2010 Topps Platinum Football Hobby 12 Box Case for $774.26

    or even

    2010 Topps Football Jumbo HTA 6 Box Case for $299.26.

    All and All, I like the concept and next year I will prepare better. I'd like to had enough money to get a case and do a case break of Platinum Football or T-206.

    Juat wondering, Colbey, ever participated in a case break? I haven't but I've watched them on the internet.

  3. I host my own group breaks, but I've never done a case nor have I participated in a case break. I have been tempted, but I always opt out since the price is usually more than I want to pay. I'd rather take $30 or so and buy something I want rather than take a chance w/ a break. I guess I'm not that much of a gambling man.

  4. Good point. I'll probably do one for 2011 Topps if I can find a decent entry fee.