Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Football Giveaway and a correction.

First, I need to make a correction from the last blog.  I listed an eBay item as a Tim Tebow red refractor.  It should have been listed as a orange retail refractor.  The card looks red to me; however I have been informed it is a orange retail refractor.  So, I ended the auction because the item was at $27 and I would not want to sale something as something it is not.

2010 Topps Chrome Tim Tebow Retail Orange Refractor

Now for the Topps Chrome Giveaway.  All you have to do is leave a comment tell me which one you want.  If you have a blog, a link on your blog to my blog would be greatly appreciated but not need to win.  Below are the 3 lot I am giving away.  It will be first to post come first to win.

Here is the Running Back Lot.

The players are Jamaal Charles, Darren McFadden, Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, Thomas Jones, Brandon Jones (Base and Orange Refractor)

Quarterback Lot

The players in the QB lot are Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, Matt Cassel, Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger, Brett Farve, Joe Flacco, and Drew Brees (refractor).

Rookie Card Lot

The players in this lot are Phillip Dillard, Devin McCourty, Chad Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Demaryius Thomas, Armanti Edwards, Amari Spievey, Bryan Bulaga, Eric Decker (orange refractor).

Remember, just let me know which lot you would like and I will contact you via email to get your shipping address.  If you have a blog, a link to my blog would be greatly appreciated.  If you don't have one you can still get one of the lots.  If you do have a blog and already have a link to my blog, thank you very much. 

Thanks for taking the time to look over my blog.



  1. I would like the Quarterback lot please. I saw your blog from sportscardradio. My username there is Priceisright31. LMK if the lot is still available.


  2. PriceIsRight31 the QB lot is yours. I will contact you for your mailing address.

    Everyone please note the QB lot has been taken.

    Thanks PisR!

  3. I'll take the rookies 'cause that's the one with a Packer. My email can be found in my profile.

  4. I would like the rookie lot please. I also saw your blog on Sportscardradio. I am now following your blog and I will post a link to your blog on mine, Check my blog out when you get a chance


  5. Thorzul and dgreen1899 you both want the rookie lot. Thorzul got in first, but I'm going to send both of you a Chrome Rookie Lot. Thorzul will get the one I posted on my blog and dgreen1899 will get a RC Lot as well. I think I have enough rookies to make dgreen one as well. Question to dgreen; Any card from the RC lot I posted that you really want? I might have doubles. Either way, I will be sending you both a RC lot.

    Dgreen I have bookmarked your blog and I am going to start a blog link list on my blog soon, so I will be sure to add you to it.

    I will be in contact with both of you. Thanks guys for taking time out of your day to look over my blog. I hope to have interesting topics as the days go by.


    Phillip aka paw75

  6. The Demaryius Thomas card stood out, but if you don't have a double that is totally cool. As a matter of fact, if you want to send Ravens or Cowboys instead of rookies that is fine too (that would help with my team sets). Free cards are free cards! Thanks alot! I emailed you my address.

  7. I will take the only lot left... heh...

    cool blog, and thanks!

  8. a welcome link

  9. I will take the RB lot. I have blogrolled you on both my blogs.

  10. Thanks BA Benny you got the RB Lot I will contact you for your shipping address.

    Okay guys thanks for participating. The Topps Chrome Football lots have been called for and will be shipped tomorrow afternoon, because I have a Friday morning meeting. Oh how I hate late Friday morning meetings.

    I plan to give more cards away between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. I teach, so I will have some free time on my hands to put together some attractive lots.

    Thanks again everyone!