Friday, October 15, 2010

Broke down and bought a box of Chrome Baseball and Football.

I broke down last night.  I bought a blaster box of 2010 Topps Chrome and Football.  I was really in my budget to do it, but sometimes my budget burns through my wallet.  I must say I like the Chrome football.  They do seem to have less of a problem with the "Chrome Curl".

Here is a quick highlight of what I pulled.  In my opinion, I did pull come mini-hits out of these boxes as well.  You can judge for yourself.

Topps Chrome Baseball

BJ Upton T-206 TC21 (refractor  #'d 137/199) 1:81  MINI-Hit
Nelson Cruz (refractor)
Placido Polanco (refractor)
Jayson Werth (refractor)
Roy Oswaly (checkerboard refractor)
Howie Kendrick (checkerboard refractor)
Ruben Tejada (purple refractor 542/599) 1:12 Micro-Hit
Yovani Gallardo (Heritage C132 268/1961) 1:86 Micro-Hit

Brian Matusz RC (Base)
Sergio Santos RC (Base)
Ian Desmond RC (Base)

Topps Chrome Football

Base:(I got several base RCs, but chose not to list them)
Dexter McCluster RC
Mike Williams RC  (I thought I had the SP until I check)

Golden Tate RC (Bowman Chrome BCR-4) 1:12 Micro-Hit

Chris Cooley (Purple refractor) 1:10 Mirco-Hit
Calvin Johnson (Checkerboard Refractor)
Darryl Sharpton (Refractor)
Walter McFadden (Refractor)

Gridiron Lineage (1:4) Wanna-Be Hits
Jonathan Stewart/Johnthan Dwyer (CGL-SD)
John Elway/Tim Tebow (CGL-ET)
Troy Aikman/Tony Romo (CGL-AR)

I plan on writing an article about they way I determine Hits.  The word "hit" is thrown around a lot.  I am just to just break down the my definition of "Hits"as use when ripping into packs of cards.  Watch for the blog soon.

Phillip aka paw75

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