Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Baseball and Football Retail Mini-Hit

     After reading a few blogs about 2010 Topps Chrome baseball and finding out 2010 Topps Chrome Football retail were at Wal-Mart stores, I could not fight the urge any longer.  I went to Wal-Mart after work tonight to see if they had any of the Chrome products.  Yes, they did have both baseball and football Chrome.  I am not a fan of the baseball chrome.  I bought a value pack of the baseball however just to see the cards and maybe have a little luck.  My local Wal-Mart has blaster boxes and value packs of both Topps Chrome football and baseball.  I noticed they had one blaster box of Topps Platinum on the shelf.  They were out of the Platinum for the past two weeks, so I grabbed a blaster box of the Platinum product.  Here is a list of what I purchased:

  • 1 pack Topps Chrome Baseball Value pack
  • 1 pack Topps Chrome Football Value pack
  • 1 blaster box of Topps Platinum
     I could see the first one of the red refractors in Chrome football hang the rack.  I picked it up and saw it was Tim Tebow, so I had to buy that one.  I did noticed that the baseball was better at packing, because no of the refractors could be seen through the front.  I did look at the football.  I however did not search through the packs on the rack.  I just notice the football value packs could be made to see the first card in the refractor packs.  Here is what I pulled from each item:

Topps Chrome Baseball (1 refractor per pack)

  • Geovany Soto (refractor)
  • Daniel Murphy (refractor)
  • Tim Lincecum (refractor)
  • Jake Arrieta RC (red refractor)
  • Chad Billingsley (red refractor)
  • Jose Lopez (red refractor)
  • Derek Jeter (base)
Topps Chrome Football
  • Toby Gerhart RC
  • Golden Tate RC
  • Mark Sanchez (reprint of the 2009 rookie card)
  • Devin McCourty RC (refractor)
  • DJ Williams (refractor)
  • Drew Brees (refractor)
  • Tim Tebow RC (red refractor)
  • Javier Arenas RC (red refractor)
  • Zac Robinson RC (red refractor)

Topps Platinum Football Blaster Box

  • 7 base rookie cards
  • Jonathan Crompton RC (Thick Stock)
  • Dez Bryant RC (Think Stock)
  • CJ Spiller RC (Refractor) 948/999  Mini-Hit
Here is a scan of a few of the cards

     I didn't have any real jaw-dropping hits, but I did get what I call a mini-hit.  Mini-hits come mostly from blaster box. I have noticed since Topps' release of the Allen and Ginter blaster boxes from this year that most boxes in which I have busted have what I call the mini-hits.  I pulled a Jonathan Crompton Auto from the first Platinum blaster I opened and from the three A&G blaster I opened I pulled 2 jersey cards and one of the mini Bazooka numbered to /25.  The Platinum box I purchased today had two thick stock cards and the numbered refractor.  It seems to me Topps is making an attempt to add a little value to the retail seen which in my opinion is a very good thing for collectors like me who work our hobby into our already tight monthy budget.

     As far as the Chrome Curl, the baseball is far worse than the football from what I have noticed so far.  With that being said, I do prefer the football over the baseball.  I am not certain if I will purchase any more of either, but football would be the product I would buy.

Phillip Whiteside aka paw75

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