Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why you should not SOUI and My eBay listing for September 11, 2010

I listed 8 items today.  I listed several autograph cards, relic cards, and few other inserts.  I'll be posting several more items going up in the morning.  I have plenty more signature cards to post both baseball and football.  Here is the list of 8 items I listed today.  If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me.  All of the auction end on 9/16/2010 except for the Allen and Ginter Bazooka mini.  I have the option to leave it up as long as want or until it sells.

2009 Elite Collegiate Patches Tony Sanchez Auto 082/125

2009 PressPass SE Gridiron Graphs Gold Arian Foster

2009 PressPass SE Gridiron Graphs Gold James Laurinaitis

7 CARD LOT 2009 UD Signature Stars Impressions Autographs

2010 PressPass Gridiron Gamers Jevan Snead Jersey #'d 173/299

 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Victor Martinez Mini Bazooka hantd #'d 03/25

Matthew Stafford 2 CARD LOT 2009 PressPass Class of 2009 insert CL2 and Game Day Gear Jersey #'d 66/99

2010 Donruss Elite Bernie Kosar Throwback Threads #'d 257/299

I would like to thank anyone that took time to read my blog and/or took the time to check out some of the items I listed on eBay.  This is my second day incorporating a blog to promote my listed items at eBay.  I hope to post some box breaks and some of those maildays I see a few collectors doing. I have had days I know the postal lady had to be cussing me a blue streak.  You know those days when you go a little over board on eBay, at Blowout Cards, and/or over at  It was last June.  I was SOUI and spent almost $500 in a matter of 2 or 3 hours.  If I had been up on the blogs and all the video of the box breaks some of y'all do, I could have done several.  Oh, I bet some of you are wondering what SOUI means.  It means Shopping Online Under the Influence.  If I hadn't been under the influence, I know I would not have paid what I paid for a couple of those 2010 Bowman Blaster boxes. I still to this day have not pulled a Bowman Strasburg or Harper.  I do have plenty Ackley however.  I did make a few good buys at the time probably out of sheer luck.  I got 2009 retail box of T-206 and 2010 Chicle.  I pulled autos from both.  I got a 2009 Donruss Elite Baseball blaster box and pulled three autos from that.  As a matter fact, the Tony Sanchez I listed on eBay came from that box break. During my ordering pay no mind to my budget, I ordered the Tri-Star Pursuit of the Majors box and several Mike Stanton, Mike Minor, and a few other prospects that I'm prospecting card lots.  I pulled a 1/5 Jason Heyward from the Tri-Star box.  I posted it on a couple message boards and it just got ripped apart because of the signature which was most on the sticker.  I didn't really noticed till some else laid eyes on it.  I contacted Tri-Star and they sent me a random auto card because kind hard to replace a 1/5 auto.  They also sent a letter of apology for the substandard card and I got to keep the Heyward auto which pulled $41.01 on eBay.  The guy who purchase my card also pulled a #'d /5 himself.  He was in the process of owning all of the #'d /5.  He had all both one within a week of his winning bid with me.  Well to wrap this this ramble up.  If you get nothing out all out of today's blog, remember SOUI is NOT a good idea.

Until next time, keep gambling hard earned money away and paying more than anyone should for a piece of cardboard.

Phillip (paw75)

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