Saturday, September 11, 2010

I FINALLY pulled a Strasburg and Week 1 of local parlays!

    First, I want to mention why I changed the name of my blog.  It was mainly to the fact that I wanted to change it.  Fair Enough!
    This week marks the first week of NFL football which means a return to weekly local parlays.  You are probably thinking "shouldn't he have drop the "y" in parlay and add an "i" for the plural or not.  I'm here to tell you it is right.  Now that we moved past that.  I was saying this week is the return of local level parlays.  I can only have as much luck collecting week points as I did last year.  I hit 2 five team parlays last year, so I basically played on "house" money in 2009.  I can only hope this week goes as well.  I may blog twice a week if I can find the motivation to stay with the blog just as I stay with the parlays.  My intent, which sometimes comes through but has been known to fall short, is to blog mid-mid week with thoughts and picks with the weeks weekly spread.  With my intent being known, let's start with Week 2 NCAA and Week 1 of NFL.  Here are my five picks the two 5 team parlays I have played this week:

Parlay 1
Wake Forest -4 Vs. Duke
California -7 Vs. Colorado
Standford -7 Vs. UCLA
Florida State +10 Vs. Oklahoma
Tennessee +13 Vs. Oregon

Parlay 2
Bowling Green +17 Vs. Tulsa
Tulane +21 Vs. Mississippi
Atlanta Falcons -3 Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Jacksonville Jags -3 Vs. Denver Broncos
SF 49ers -3 Vs. Seattle Seahawks

Maybe a little luck and a lot of skill will pay off this weekend.  There is one game I should have played and would recommend you playing this weekend.  With AJ Green out this week for Georgia, I would play South Carolina especially if can find any where giving the Gamecocks points.  Every live line I have looked at has flip flopped from the opening line with the news of Green's suspension.  I do recommend if you chose to use a on-line sports wagering service that you use  I have used the past two years and nothing but good things to say about the service you get at  If you are not apart of and you decide to sign up, use me as a reference.  My reference # 448016.  New members usually receive a $25 free play and 60% in bonus.  Bonus is basically free play dollars that can be used only on straight line wagers or in the casino. The minimum deposit is $50 and the minimum bet is $5.  It is a great site to monitor lines through out the week and a great site to bring Vegas-style SportsBook closer to you where ever you call home. can be reached on the phone by calling 1-888-238-879.  If you have questions for me, please send me an email or leave a comment.  Good luck!
    I finally pulled a Steven Starsburg today from a factory packed item today for the first time.  Since Topps put started putting items out this year, I been trying to pull a Steven Strasburg.  I lost count of the number of packs of 2010 Bowman I opened in hopes of pulling a Strasburg rookie.  I pulled plenty of Dustin Ackley on the other hand.  I can only wish Dustin Ackley the best since I am somewhat vested.  Until this day, I only got the Strasburg cards from trades and/or from factory sets where they were guarantee d.  Same thing goes for the 2010 Topps Allen and Ginter Series.  I opened plenty of packs but no Strasburg.  Today was the day, however.  A good 2 months after he goes down with an 18 to 24 month sidelining injury did I pull my first Strasburg RC card.  It is the Wal-Mart special collectors Strasburg.  There is only three players in the set, so that made for an above average shot at pulling one.  They are placed in side a collector's special at Wal-Mart that includes 6 packs of 2010 Topps Series 2, 1 pack of 2010 Topps Allen and Ginter, 1 Million Card Give Away redemption card, and 1 of the three cards in the special Wal-Mart set.  Previous to today, I had bought four other collector packs trying to pull one.  The first two packs I bought.  I pulled card #2 from the set, Cal Ripken.  The third time I pulled card #1, Babe Ruth and the fourth time was the charm today.  I pulled card #3 Steven Strasburg.  Now, I can only hope when he does return from Tommy John Surgery that when it's all said in done that he can be mentioned in the same breath with the other two Hall of Famers that accompany him in the set.
Until next time, keep gambling hard earned money away and paying more for anyone should for a piece of cardboard.

Phillip (paw75)

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